What to Avoid During Pregnancy: Activities to Limit or Avoid Entirely

By JC. Maria / December 28, 2015


What to avoid during pregnancy is a topic that a lot of researchers are conflicted on, especially on the idea of if exercise itself is a good idea while pregnant.  Some say yes, some say no.  If you are going to be active here are a list of activities you should probably avoid.


This is an activity that would be harmless assuming you don’t fall, but do you want to trust the life of your baby to your own greatness?  Simply avoid it.


A great cardio workout that can actually be really good for getting your blood flowing.  If you play a lot of tennis all the time and then become pregnant you can probably allow yourself to have a moderately paced game, but you should do it for the purpose of getting the blood pumping rather than getting caught up in the competitive nature of the game itself.  Your balance can become different day to day with shifting hormones and a rapidly changing body size, the last thing you want to do is fall or trip and hurt your ankle or abdomen.

Amusement Park Rides:

Please just avoid these altogether there are a plethora of ways this could be bad for your baby.  Sudden forceful motions are not going to be good for the baby and quite frankly aren’t good for adults either.

Sports like Hockey, Basketball, Football where contact is integral in nature:

I think this goes without saying, pregnant ladies shouldn’t be taking pucks to the face or getting tackled.  If this needs to be explained to you, then I worry about you.


Gymnastics can be great for stretching, but the highflying nature of the sport leads to the risk of falling so of course it should be avoided.

Horseback Riding:

This is a tough one for avid riders to give up, but it’s important that you do.  The constant bumping of the ride is bad for the baby and even if you’re a solid rider the risk of a fall could be fatal to your unborn baby.

Saunas to relieve muscle aches after a sporting event:

This is a really bad idea, pregnant women need to stay super hydrated for optimal nutrition and the added heat from saunas and hot tubs is a known cause of birth defects, just as surely as drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes is.

What to avoid during pregnancy?  If you’re questioning the activity at all or if you could fall then you shouldn’t be doing it.  It’s better safe than sorry, if you’re not a careful person become one.  I’m sorry to say it, but if you’re highly active it’s going to be important that you take a breather for 9 months.  Your baby needs you.

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