Top 12 Best Pregnant Lingerie That Every Mom Should Have!


Just because you are pregnant doesn’t give you the excuse to dress up in old granny panties. You need to spice it up not just for you, but also for your hubby. You need to gain back your confidence and spice things back in your bedroom using the sexiest and most comfortable intimates you are ever going to get.

We are going to look at twelve amazing pregnancy lingerie that every mom-to be should have in their closet. They are ultra-soft, comfortable offer the best support without digging into your sensitive skin and most of all, they are super sexy.

No matter what your pregnancy lingerie style is, we’ve got you covered with the best of the best in the market and the best part is that they are all very fairly priced.

We even have a great variety of nursing bras for you to choose from. You could be thinking it’s too early for you to start shopping for nursing bras, but trust me once your baby comes, getting out of the house or doing anything on your computer is going to seem like the most challenging thing ever.

We have great pregnancy lingerie designs that are made with every mom to be in mind, including amazing body shapers such as leggings and one particularly hot pair of Spanx that you are going to love.

Take your time to go through all the twelve maternity intimates that we have features from some of the best and renown pregnancy lingerie producers who use the latest fashion technology to ensure that you are not only on trend but that most importantly, you are comfortable and happy.

Go through everything with an open mind and keep note of what you really like then you can revisit it later after checking out everything else.

Best Mommy Blog Recommended Best Pregnant Lingerie

1. Amon Maternity Women’s Bestow Brief

Finding lingerie for a mom to be quite a task. You want something soft and that comfortably goes over the tummy without being too constricting. Well, this pregnancy lingerie brief is just it. This ultra-soft brief gives you the best coverage, comfort and the support that every woman craves for all through the pregnancy.

The baby pump support it offers is probably one of its best features so you don’t have to worry about your tummy pulling you down to the ground. Don’t worry about buying different briefs for the different stages of your pregnancy. The tummy section of the briefs is made to expand as your baby bump grows.

When doing the sizing, use your pre-pregnancy measure as the waist area is tailored to fit the waist area of a pregnant woman of the size. However, if you feel like you are in between two sizes, it is always safer to go with the larger size for the perfect and most comfortable size.This pregnancy lingerie has an integrated under tummy support band that is very light so it doesn’t get tight and itchy. It is constructed using a very soft and breathable microfiber fabric that keeps everything fresh and airy down there.

The Amon maternity women’s bestow brief has received forty two customer reviews on amazon with most of the customers loving how comfortable and light the briefs are. Most of them, however recommend choosing a bigger size if you are adding weight. It goes for $9-$14 with free returns on specific colors.

2. Intimate Portal Women’s Under The Bump Maternity Bikini (2 Pack) 

Don’t we just love when we buy things in twos especially when we are talking about pregnancy lingerie that is not very easy to come by?If you are a mom to be who prefers to wear pregnancy briefs that run under the bump, you are going to love these briefs. Well, most women get so itchy on their tummy if they wear pregnancy briefs that run over the tummy and some even get stretch marks from the constant constriction and itching. To avoid all these, why not go with these lovely briefs?

If you are looking to integrate great style in your pregnancy lingerie, you are going to love the signature sexy cross over maternity bikini panties that are going to fit you like a glove with no pressure at all.

They are made using first grade cotton fabric that is ultra-soft, light and breathable. They are ninety five percent cotton, five percent spandex and one hundred percent cotton gusset. The gusset is usually made of one hundred percent cotton fabric that is not bleached for hygiene purposes. We prefer the white color so you are able to detect any unusual discharge.We especially run a fabric quality test and also apply eco-dyeing methods to not only save the environment, but also provide every mom to be with the best quality pregnancy lingerie ever.

This product has received one hundred and seventy five customer reviews on amazon and goes for $12.90 - $15.80.

3. Intimate Portal Women’s Over The Bump Ultra-Lite Seamless Maternity Brief (2 Pack)

These pregnancy briefs and comfortingly soft and very comfortable as they provide you with great belly support without being constricting and annoying. This imported brand has an extra wide band to prevent rolling or slipping, which, need I say can be super infuriating and uncomfortable. You don’t want to be walking in a dress and feeling like everyone can see your slipped panties.

The leg bands have been seamed with custom made elastic bands to avoid the uncomfortable digging that can at times make you feel like adjusting your panties in public.These pregnancy panties have also been made using a 360 seamless design that gives the briefs a smooth bum finish with more than enough space for your growing bump be it in your first trimester or your third trimester. You will also find these briefs very comfortable to wear post-partum when you need a bit of space still around your tummy area because everything just seems to be too painful.

These briefs are constructed using eighty five percent ribbed cotton and fifteen percent spandex for the most comfortable stretch and soft and airy environment that every pregnant woman relishes.

These panties have fourteen customer reviews on amazon with so many women the fact that they come in a two pack and that they are baby soft and comfortable. They go for $14.90.

4. Jojo Maman Bebe Women’s Maternity Support Panties

Just from the name of these pregnancy briefs, the word support is sure to get quite a number of moms to be very excited. During the nine months of carrying the little angel, anything that promises to offer support and make the journey a little smoother is welcome.

This maternity briefs are made with every mom to be in mind. It is common knowledge that during the third trimester, for others during the second trimester, the baby bump seems to get very heavy and the skin generally becomes very sensitive that most moms consider forfeiting panties all together.

The great thing about these briefs is that they are ultra-soft, they cover the baby bump extremely well without being constricted thus helping reduce the increased pressure on your lower back and also easing the aches and pains that come with a growing bump.The seamless design is specifically to cater to the sensitive skin and keep you dry and comfortable. These briefs are constructed using ninety four percent polyamide and six percent elastane to give you the optimal stretch, comfort and breathability, keeping you fresh and airy and not hot and bothered especially on a hot day.

Made in Turkey, these briefs are truly every pregnant woman’s dream panties. They are very easy to maintain as you can use machine wash and they don’t stain easily though you will be able to notice any unusual discharge should you have any. This product has received nine customer reviews on amazon and goes for $23.26-$32.00.

5. Motherhood Maternity Fold Over Panties (3 Pack)

Is there any better pregnancy lingerie deal than a 3 pack? Well, you are going to get one here. This supportive panties are carefully designed with the constantly changing body of a mom to be in mind. The best thing about these panties is you can either pull them up over your belly for a nice smooth finish and great tummy support or you can also fold them down or wear them under the belly, whatever works best for you.

The wide high elastic waistband gives you the support you need by holding up your panty over your tummy so it doesn’t roll down or slip over. You don’t need to worry about itching as the band is very comfortable and not constricting at all.

The panties are constructed using a great blend of cotton and spandex to give you the perfect stretch and soft comfort that every maternity panties should offer. They are also very light and so can put them on even on the hottest summer day and still remain fresh and airy and not sweaty and damp.

These imported panties are great when worn under a dress as they won’t show thanks to the seamless design that also adds to the comfort of the panties. You can also fold them down and wear them with a trouser and you will still be as comfortable as ever.

This product has received twenty nine customer reviews on amazon and goes for $14.98.

6. ILoveSIA 2PACK/3Packs Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra Bralette

Are you scared about the concept of nursing your unborn baby because you are not sure how you are going to be maneuvering your breast out of the bra without causing a lot of commotion especially when in public? Well, this is the perfect nursing bra for every woman.

The seamless design of this pregnancy lingerie makes the nursing bra, very soft and also offers very gentle and stretchy support, ensuring that mommy is comfortable all day long and they also make for the easiest and most stress free breastfeeding access for both you and your little bundle of joy.

These bras have special features to make the whole nursing experience smooth and fun: Adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit when wearing and also when nursing or even sleeping. Nursing clips that allow you to fully drop down the cup making nursing very easy.

Breathable and ribbed gore stretches to make room for the breast size fluctuations that breast feeding moms’ experience. Removable molded foam cups when in need of a lining either to hide your nipples and the ability to remove it when you don’t need it. This also prevents milk leaks from reaching your outfit and showing. This nursing bra is also a great choice for lounging or sleeping as it is ultra-soft and the seamless design means that no part of the bra will be uncomfortably digging into your skin.

It is made of ninety two percent nylon and eight percent spandex. It has received three hundred and seventy three customer reviews on amazon and goes for $22.99 $29.99.

7. CooShco Women’s Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra Push Up Comfort Sleep Bralette

This pregnancy lingerie offers a stretch nylon blend making it super soft and comfortable to wear. It also has nursing clips that are easy to reach and easy to use making for easy and smooth breastfeeding for both mom and baby.

The wide under the band of the bra offers great support to the bust. This comes in really handy especially when the breasts are engorged. This bra is truly designed with every nursing mom in mind, no matter what stage of nursing you are in. It is designed to make an allowance for the constantly changing breast size of a nursing mom without being uncomfortable at any single point.

Here are some of the great features of this nursing bra:

  • It has no underwear, thus making for easier access to the breast for both mom and baby
  • It has adjustable straps that allow you to adjust them to your perfect fit
  • It is very durable and also very sexy so you don’t forget you are not just a mom, but a wife or partner too
  • The nursing clips allow you to fully drop down the cup making it very easy to breastfeed.
  • It is constructed from ninety two percent nylon and eight percent spandex, making very comfortable and soft.

This product has received two hundred and thirty one customer reviews and goes for $12.99 with free returns on certain sizes.

8. Belevation Women’s Maternity Underwear Support Briefs

The choice of pregnancy lingerie is very important as the most important thing to consider is the comfort and breathability of the fabric used. Although the sexinessmay also count, do not sacrifice this for your comfort. Luckily, this maternity briefs are super comfortable and also have a great sexiness to them so you don’t need to lose out on any.

It has a seamless design with a breathable mesh that is very important to ensure you remain fresh and airy and thus help prevent common vaginal infections that are common during pregnancy.

Made in the USA, these maternity panties are made from a perfect blend of nylon and spandex. These panties were the 2013 Moms Choice Award Winner. Many moms to be have tried it and loved and it is now your chance to enjoy great comfort and style at the same time.

They are also very easy to maintain as they do not stain easily and you can also use warm machine wash with similar colors but do not use any chlorine bleach as it will damage the fabric. This fabric also makes it very easy to identify any unusual vaginal discharge as soon as it occurs so it doesn’t develop into something serious.

This product has eighty one customer reviews from amazon and goes for $21.50-$23.00.

9. Marvelous Mama Lucky Legs

Do you ever get jealous when you see a lady who is not pregnant rocking leggings and a fancy top and can’t wait for the nine months to come to an end so you too can get into your favorite pair of leggings? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait until you are no longer pregnant for you to wear leggings. Though it won’t be your favorite pair of leggings, these maternity leggings will just do the rick especially when you pair them with a fancy and a flowing top dress.

These bodies shaping maternity leggings literally grow with your belly. Whether you on in your first trimester or your last, you can still fit into these body shapers because the fabric stretches as your baby bump grows.

Sometimes you just want to get the confidence that you look great in a pair of maternity skinny jeans and these leggings come in handy. They are also very great for cold weather when you need to do a lot of layering to keep you and baby warm.

They have a very comfortable underbelly support and comfortable pregnancy panels, giving great support and easing the pressure on your lower back.The seamless design means they are not going to dig into your skin and the waist band is also non-binding for the best comfort.

They are made from an opaque and stretchy nylon and they are also great for masking panty lines. This product has forty one customer reviews on amazon with so many customers loving the fit and the stretch ability of the fabric. It goes for $17.34 - $18.00.

10. Spanx women’s mama Spanx pantyhose

Who said a pregnant woman can’t be sexy? This is proof of the fact that they were wrong. This pregnancy lingerie is perfect if you are looking to wear a tight fitting dinner dress or any other type of clingy dress or when you just want to look sexy for your man.

Spanx is mostly worn in body shaping as they accentuate all our best parts and hide all the flabby and not so perfect parts and with pregnancy, you can expect a bit more flab but this doesn’t mean you can’t dress sexy as evidenced by these beautiful Spanx.

This particular design is available in black and is constructed from eighty five percent nylon and fifteen percent spandex. The cleaning and maintenance are very specific and similar to the care of most Spanx. Only uses hand wash using mildly warm water and air it under a shade and do not iron it under any circumstance as this is going to ruin the fabric and it will no longer offer you the compression you so desire.

These sheer Spanx provides every mom to be with the slimming effect and great underbelly support thus providing the ultimate comfort. The soft tummy panel is very sexy and will make you feel very good about yourself. It is also great for hiding panty lines and the best part is that it is cling free.

This product has received twenty three customer reviews on amazon and goes for $20.58 - $36.00.

11. Marvelous Mama Terrific Tights

These sexy maternity body shaping tights are sleek and super smooth that grow at the same rate your baby bump is growing and so you need not worry about getting yourself a different pair for every trimester. They are very comfortable and have the ultimate stretch without being clingy or constricting. They are also designed with a very comfortable pregnancy panel that provides you with the best support by easing the pressure on your lower belly as well as your lower back.

You are going to enjoy it instant slimming properties that are going to smooth out your thighs and give you a beautiful pert butt. You don’t need to worry about any pinching or digging in around your waist and the waist band is seamless and non-binding to provide you with the ultimate support and comfort.

It is constructed using opaque and stretch nylon meaning you can wear it under any outfit without it showing, if that is your aim and you can also wear it on its own and pair it with a fancy shirt dress. You can also wear them under a pair of maternity skinny jeans for great shopping or for great layering during winter to keep you from freezing.

This product has received one hundred and twenty one customer reviews in amazon with so many customers loving the great support it offers. It goes for $17.34 - $18.00.

12. Anita Maternity Women’s Maternity Brief 1502

If you are looking for a beautiful, comfortable and simple pregnancy lingerie, this is it. The Anita seamless maternity brief 1502 provides you with a very seamless, soft and comfortable fit. The seamless feature means that the brief is not going to dig into your skin, which is usually extra sensitive during pregnancy especially during the third trimester.

It is ultra-soft, snug and very breathable, making for very comfortable wear even during the hottest of temperatures. It has an all knit design without side seams as well, so you remain comfortable without the urge to keep pulling at your panties.

The power control under the belly and the integrated gathering at the back ensure the perfect fit and it also eases the pressure on your lower tummy and lower back. The design also features wide edging that prevents digging in.

It is constructed using ninety percent polyamide and ten percent elastin, which gives the briefs a perfect stretch and so you can wear the briefs all through your pregnancy and it is also very light so you remain dry and comfortable all day long. It is available in small sizes all through to large. For a great sizing tip, in case you are in between sizes, always go with the larger size for the most comfortable fit.

This product has seventy two customer reviews on amazon with most customers loving the briefs’ comfortable and snug fit. It goes for $19.80 - $22.00.


Now that you have seen these twelve beautiful maternity intimates collection, what stood out most for you? Well, take time to go through everything once more ensuring you read all the intricate descriptions so you end up with pregnancy lingerie that is going to be best suited for you. For example, if you can’t stand anything covering your belly, you can go for briefs that pass under the belly instead. But if you also love the comfort of having a waist band high up above your tummy, you also know what to pick.

Be sure to order the size that’s going to fit you perfectly. Don’t buy briefs that are too tight otherwise you are only going to wear them once. If you are not sure which size you are, you can either go with a larger size or use the sizing charts on the product’s website to guide you. Remember, the most important thing when buying pregnancy lingerie is comfort. The fabric should be soft and light and it should also have a great strechability to ensure it grows together with your baby bump and at no point should it be constricting.

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