Protect Your Back During Pregnancy With Top 10 Pregnancy Support Belt

By JC. Maria / February 8, 2016


Every new mom to be hoping to have an easy and fun pregnancy, but once most women get into their second trimester and the baby bump starts really growing, things stop being all rosy and fatigue, back and joint pains start setting in. Worse off is the third trimester that can see you just want to lie down on your bed. But we know that this is not an option because you need to move around and be active so that when the D-day comes, you are hopefully able to have an easy delivery.

So, what are you supposed to do when your lower back feels like someone has lit a fire on it and you are pulled down by your abdomen? The answer is quite simple actually, get yourself a pregnancy support belt.

We are going to look at 10 amazing belts that are a combination of pre-pregnancy support bands and postpartum support bands that are not only designed to give you the much needed lower back support but they are also supposed to help you shrink down your belly faster.

We are going to look at strong features for each pregnancy support band so you are able to see which one is going to work best for you. Keep in mind your activity level to ensure that you benefit greatly from the band you are going to use. We have also included customer reviews from amazon from the customers who purchased each of these belts. This will give you a great idea of whether the belt is actually going to do for you what it claims to be able to do.Go through each one of these and choose a belt that is going to help you find relief from owner back pain.

Top 10 Pregnancy Support Belt From Best Mommy Blog

1. Maternity belt leward (TM) brand pregnancy support belly brace

This pregnancy support belt plays a pivotal role in alleviating lower back pain that is common in most pregnancies by supporting the abdominal and lumbar regions. It is designed for all pregnant women who experience lower back pain or discomfort.

This Leward (TM) maternity belt has four elastic panels on the side for adding considerable compression and support whilst allowing aeration.

For many moms to be, a pregnancy support belt is still a new aspect that they are yet to fully understand and know how to use, but here are foolproof instruction on how to strap yourself in and keep both you and baby safe.

  • Start by wrapping the abdominal lift attachment all round your waist and adjust until you arrive at the point that gives you the most support. Set the pad at the center and under your abdomen. (Kindly look at the picture that comes with the package.)
  • Gently attach the belt onto the pad and slowly pull the elastic sides until you get the desired tension, then attach the closure to the pad on your abdomen.
  • Stretch out the top strap over your tummy and attach it to the opposite side so the support does not slide down.
  • Adjust the tension on the belt until it sits perfectly well.

This maternity belt has thirty four customer reviews on amazon with most customers commending it for helping them reduce and ultimately alleviate lower back pain. It goes for $14.99 - $16.99.

2. Belevation women’s maternity support belly band

The best thing about this pregnancy support belt is that it is very easy to put on and you can wear it discretely under your outfit without it showing. Additionally, it is perfect for layering different pregnancy clothes for added support and comfort.

The belevation women’s maternity support belly band is constructed using a breathable and seamless mesh maternity belly band that gives great support. The fabric is a combination of nylon and spandex so it also gives you a bit of compression, which can provide much needed relief for an aching lower back.

This is a USA product that is made with every pregnant woman in mind with the aim of giving each one a smooth and comfortable pregnancy free of pain.

This maternity belt requires very simple cleaning. Put it on warm machine wash together with other clothes of a similar color, if any. Do not use any chlorine bleach as this will damage the fabric and it will no longer have its stretch ability. Use tumble dry on low.

This maternity support belt has two hundred and thirty eight customer reviews on amazon with a great majority of the customers really loving the belt. Most customers have greatly benefited from using this pregnancy support belt and they are also praising it for its durability. Some customers have even used it for more than one pregnancy. It goes for $16.50 - $18.00.

3. Ingrid & Isabel women’s maternity everyday bellaband

If you are looking for comfort, alleviated lower back pain and great support, then you are talking about none other than this pregnancy support belt. This premium maternity support band is designed to not only give you lower back support, but to also hold up unbuttoned pans as well as other loose maternity wear.

This is truly the answer to every pregnant woman’s prayer. We can all relate to unbuttoned pants because they no longer fit us in the waist, but we can’t let them go because they are so comfy and fit as well as everywhere else apart from the waist.

Another impressive attribute of this all-star maternity band is that it always bounces back to its original shape after a whole day of wearing it. If you pull this belt up, it supports a larger belly circumference and if you fold it over, it does a good job of concealing your opened buttons and also offers your lower back great support thus alleviating the pain.

You should clean it using machine wash on warm o the gentle cycle together with the clothes of a similar color, if any. Only use bleach that does not have chlorine as this will damage the elasticity of the band and do not iron under circumstances.

This support belt is made using eighty four percent nylon and sixteen percent cotton for the ultimate support and compression. This maternity band has nine hundred and seventy two customer reviews on amazon with so many customers happy about the versatility of this band and the great support it offers the lower back, it goes for $19.60 - $28.99.

4. HOVEOX women maternity support postpartum pregnancy recovery belly abdomen waist belt

The nine long months that seemed to last forever have now come to an end and your little bundle of joy is here and you can’t seem to take your eyes off him/ her. However, mommy now needs to get in shape and regain her beautiful pre-pregnancy body.

Another thing, most women experience lower back pain after delivering especially after a few weeks of breastfeeding as their posture changes due to the leaning forward they do as they nurse their tots. This is where this amazing postpartum pregnancy recovery belly abdomen, waist belt comes into play.

It is designed with adjustable closures that make it very easy to fasten and you can adjust the tension according to desired compression. This does a very good job of waist reduction. If you are consistent from the day you deliver your baby, you are going to reduce your waist significantly faster as this belt also helps the uterus shrink back faster and consequently reduces the associated belly ache.This support band is suitable for any weight reduction program, including light aerobics, but you need to take it slow so as not to get hurt in the process.

This support band is constructed using very light and breathable fabric and it can even be stretched to fit your natural curves.

This belt has two hundred and four customer reviews and goes for $10.53 - $11.99.

5. Babybellyband abdominal belt with compression groin bands for hernia/ maternity

This is a three in one pregnancy support band that every mom to be is going to highly appreciate. It comes with some add on bands that help relieve all the common pregnancy discomforts by increasing support for your abdomen as well as lower back. It also has groin bands for any mom to be who could be experiencing pubic symbiosis, pressure on the pelvic floor that could be as a result of vulva varicosities, a prolapsed uterus, hernia or bladder discomforts such as a yeast infection.

The groin bands are constructed using neoprene fabric that is custom made with tiny perforations for breathability as well as good support. This wonder maternity belt is worn over underwear and you can adjust the bands for desired snugness and. Shoulder bands are also available that can be great for providing added support and an increased lift.

This band is so easy to care for as it has machine wash. This band can also come in handy after delivery, especially after caesarean section to provide you with extra support.

This band has eighty six customer reviews from Amazon customers who are very happy with all its functionalities. Some customers are not using this band for pregnancy support, but also for post-partum support and there are some who have noticed an increased waist reduction. It goes for $62 - $65.

6. Upsie belly – belly bandit pregnancy support band and wrap

Most moms to be find it very uncomfortable as their baby bumps grow larger and larger. You may notice increased lower back pain, constant fatigue and difficulty to move. This pregnancy support belt provides instant relief by reducing the pressure on your lower back, thus making it easier for you to move around easily.

This maternity band is constructed using modern securestretchTM materials that literally mold to your body and thus provide you with just the right amount of tension. This gives you a very stable and strong overall support not only for your lower back but also in your abdomen.

The closure in the front part of the belt is very supported and so does not dig into your tummy as you move around. This modern maternity belt is made from baby soft bamboo that’s made from viscose materials. It also has adjustable straps so you can change the fit as your belly grows. It also comes with hot/cold pack to help give your lower back fast relief.

This band also offers additional abdominal and hip support, lowers the incidence of stretch marks, helps increase blood circulation, thus preventing hemorrhoids and it also helps relieve any discomfort in your bladder. After delivery, you can now use this band to help reduce your tummy and waist line by strapping it on tightly so your uterus shrinks back faster.

This maternity band has one hundred and four customer reviews on amazon with so many singing of its praises, it goes for $69.95.

7. Cantaloop pregnancy support belt

This is a simple yet effective pregnancy support belt that not only offers support to your lower back and yummy, it also provides warmth to your belly. It features a loose knit on the front part that gently expands as your baby bump also grows. The lower back and underbelly fabric is much thicker and made using a tighter weave so as to provide support for your tired muscles and also soothe them by providing warmth.

The soft construction makes it super comfortable if you also add the fact that it is seamless. It also provides fast relief to your tired back muscles and with time, you will notice that you no longer experience lower back pain.

The cantaloupe pregnancy support belt is made from ninety one percent polyamide and nine percent elastane, you can therefore be sure that the fabric is stretchy and breathable and very easy to care for. As a rule of thumb, do not use chlorine based bleaches as these damages the elastic fabric. And also, do not be tempted to iron this maternity band.

This pregnancy support band has twenty customer reviews on amazon with many saying that it offers the gentlest yet effective abdominal and lower back support. Some cited the great relief they received from using this maternity band after tearing a muscle during delivery. It is truly a great maternity band. It goes for $19.99.

8. Medela maternity support

Every woman in the pregnancy journey needs support every now and then, especially after reaching the point when the baby bump is now fully visible when everything now seems to be moving in slow motion. The Medela pregnancy support belt is designed to provide every expectant mom with the ultimate support on your lower back and abdomen.

Have you ever felt like your abdomen is literally pulling you to the ground? Then, that is a clear indication that you need this pregnancy support belt. It will take all your lower back pain in an instant, reduce your frequency of urination and it also feels very comfortable against your skin.

This belt is so much fun to have as it is a total breeze to put on, it has the easiest maintenance needs as all you need to do is use machine wash but don’t use any bleach that contains chlorine. Medela maternity support is made using a very light and breathable fabric and it comes with an adjustable closure that is very easy to fasten to desired tension.

This band is constructed using eighty percent nylon and twenty percent spandex meaning it is perfectly stretchable and very light and you don’t need to worry about being uncomfortable. It is also tailored to just work on the lower back and abdomen and so doesn’t have excess fabric that can make you uncomfortably hot during extremely warm weather.

This belt has one hundred and thirteen customer reviews on amazon and goes for $24.

9. Trendyline women postpartum girdle corset recovery belly band wrap belt

Every new mom wants to look and feel great about their body after bringing in a new life into the world. It is now time to be a good parent and help baby grow to be healthy and strong and it is also time to work on getting your pre-baby figure back.

This postpartum support girdle is very effective at providing you with belly reduction, postpartum without having to sacrifice comfort. It additionally offers you pelvic and very good lower back support.

Probably the best part about this postpartum girdle is the fact that it gives you an instant slimmer look just by strapping it on as it reduces your tummy and so no belly bulge is left visible. You can also wear it discretely under your clothes and so everyone will be complimenting you on your fast weight loss but it’s only you who know the secret.

However, regular wearing of this belt will effectively lead to a smaller waist much faster than waiting for nature to take its course. This girdle is very beneficial to a new mom who has just had a C-section as it provides the much needed support thus reducing the pain.

This girdle is made using sixty five percent polyester and thirty five percent spandex thus giving you the perfect stretch ability and support to help trim your tummy much faster. This band has fifty three customer reviews and goes for $12.99.

10. Postpartum support belly band wrap maternity pregnancy recovery abdomen waist belt

You are now through with one part of your journey of being a parent and beautifully baby is already here with us, but it is also time for you to take care of your body. The faster you do something about your body after delivery, the faster your body is going to bounce back into its pre-baby figure.

What you need to do is wrap your abdomen tightly with this postpartum band, you will not only shrink your waist faster but you will also get instant slimmer. This is aided by the three step compression fastening with three belts targeting your belly, waist and hips for an all-round slimming.

Postpartum compression is also very effective at reducing lower back pain using the built in boning that helps improve posture especially during breastfeeding. The band is constructed using very smooth and gentle mesh fabric that is soft, stretchy and very light on your skin. This makes it perfect not just for natural births, but also C-section delivery.

This band is made in nude colors to make it invisible when worn under an outfit and so you’re new slimmed down look will be your own little secret. Start wearing this band as soon as you can after the delivery of your child for you to see faster results. Don’t be afraid, this band is made using the latest technology to ensure the reduction you get is very comfortable. This postpartum band has forty two customer reviews on amazon and goes for $11.98.


We have now gone through all these amazing belts together with their fair prices and it is now time to make the decision and help your body find relief. There are some very critical decisions to be made here. It is not a matter of making a fashion statement rather, helping your body be as comfortable as it can be as it prepares to bring new life into this world of ours.

If you experience, lower back pain, lower abdomen pain and some pelvic discomforts, it would be wise to go for a pregnancy support belt that is going to address these three issues. You can also invest in a maternity band that you can use both for pre-pregnancy pain relief as well as postpartum relief and added tummy trimming.

Price is a good consideration, but luckily all the maternity bands we have featured are very fairly priced and you will be happy to know that they can be used for more than one pregnancy. It’s advisable to choose nude colors because these can be discreetly worn under your outfit and only you will know what’s going on inside.

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