Top 10 Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions That You Would Love

By JC. Maria / January 29, 2016


Image is everything for any person under the sun. Finding eclectic style for maternity dresses for special occasions can be quite hectic as so many of them can cost you an arm and a leg. Stand out in any special occasion with gorgeous cocktail dresses, chic formal dresses, sexy evening dresses and so much more among the following ten dresses.

The biggest concern when shopping for maternity dresses is getting a good fit that you can wear all through your pregnancy without it becoming too tight as you near your due date. As such, most moms to be preferred buying very few clothes and actually nothing fancy for a special occasion, after all they are pregnant and can get away with that. Right? No, actually that is very wrong, you can find very beautiful dresses such as the ones we are going to look at shortly at a very fair price.

You can also be sure that with any of the ten dresses that we have featured, you can wear it from day one of your pregnancy to your last day and not only that, you can also wear it after your pregnancy because they are either made from stretchy fabrics of flowing fabrics.

Any mom to be should have a chic and elegant dress that she can attend a party, wedding, baby shower, cruise or other special occasion with. You also need to feel good about yourself and the only way to achieve this is if you play dress up with your growing baby bump.

Factor in your current size before making a purchase. Do not go with your pre-baby size as you may find a dress to be too tight, also do not go all out and buy a size that is too big for you with the hope of growing into it. All the maternity dresses we have featured are made with a pregnant woman’s body in mind and are supposed to give you the perfect fit all through your pregnancy with your current size.

Look at the following styles carefully and go with the one that is going to flatter you most. With these dresses, you can be sure you are going to look a hundred percent stunning all through your pregnancy.

List of 10 Maternity Dresses for Special Occasions

1. Ever pretty chiffon sexy double V-neck Diamantes Part Evening Dress

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you should dress in pants and a T-shirt for date night with your hubby or partner. Dressing up every once in a while in a special dress will not only boost your self-esteem but also make your man appreciate the woman he fell in love.

This pretty chiffon dress is one of the best maternity dresses for special occasions you can ever have in your closet. Whether you are going to a friend’s wedding, a romantic dinner with your beau or a formal evening dinner, you are going to truly stand out in this sexy dress.

You have eight amazing colors to choose from for this dress. A good way to choose the color of maternity dresses for special occasions is to choose the color that brings out the color of your eyes and also complements your skin color. For example, if you have emerald green eyes, the green eyes are going to flatter you more.

This pretty evening dress has detachable demands that highlight your shoulders and with this you don’t need to wear a lot of jewelry. The chiffon material brings out your natural curves and the side zipper means that it’s concealed from view.

Only dry clean this dress so you don’t damage it. This dress has received raving reviews from 89 customers in amazon and only goes for $39.99.

2. Happy mama women’s maternity nursing pencil jersey casual dress

​If you have great legs, you are going to love, love, love this sexy casual dress. It has the perfect fit, bringing out all your curves but still remaining comfortable enough such that it is not constricting to your baby bump.

​This beautiful maternity dress for special occasions is ideal for cocktails with the girls, remember, no alcohol! A casual lunch date, church, weddings, birthdays and other special occasion you would deem fit.

​This happy mama women’s maternity nursing pencil jersey casual dress comes in a whopping seventeen colors, giving you a wide range to choose from. The best part is that you can wear this dress even after your pregnancy and it also makes nursing very easy.

​It is made from ninety five percent Viscose and five percent Elastane fabric and is therefore very soft and gentle on your skin and it is also very easy to clean.

​Most moms to be who have bought this dress have worn it on their baby showers and they only have good things to say. The fact that the fabric is light and thin means it’s very comfortable and doesn’t make you sweat or feel extremely hot. This can come in handy, especially in the third trimester when hot flashes are the order of the day.

This dress has received 65 great reviews by most customers suggesting that one should buy a dress that is a size up so it can fit perfectly. It goes for $24.39 - $31.75.

3. Maternity sleeveless floral lace overlay ruched skirt formal party mini dress

If you want to feel like a princess, this is the dress for you. Its short hemline allows you to showcase your fine legs and feel sexy for your special occasion. Who said pregnant moms can’t be stylish and sexy? This dress will bring out your inner prima donna and make the center of attention in the event you will be attending. A beautiful dress like this needs a beautiful lady like you to make it complete.

The A-line silhouette with an empire waist makes it perfect for any body type and the floral lace overlay bodice gives you a princess look that is very flattering. This dress is most definitely one of the best maternity dresses for special occasions.The fabric is made from a combination of polyester and spandex. For the best look, style this dress with your best pearls and most comfortable but stylish shoes.

Most moms to be who have bought this dress love the way the dress drapes over the baby bump in a smooth fashion and the fabric is not clingy at all. However, the greatest concern is the top being too small for full chested ladies or when in the last trimester as this is the time the bust really grows. These are a few of the considerations you should make. It has received nineteen customer reviews with most showing concern for the bra part of the dress. It goes for $26.99 - $38.99.

4. Zite Ville Women’s Maternity Breastfeeding flattering summer skater dress

If you are looking for the ultimate flowy dress for a special occasion, this is it. Summer time can be uncomfortably hot and if you add the natural pregnancy hot flushes, then it can really be uncomfortably hot. This is why you need to get yourself zite ville women’s maternity breastfeeding flattering summer skater dress.

It is chic, simple and sophisticated, giving you a distinguishable style for whatever occasion you are attending. It is constructed from ninety five percent Viscose and five percent Elastan making it super light and thin and great for the summer heat.

This dress design is very flattering during your pregnancy period and even post-partum, it is actually very comfortable to breastfeed in as you won’t have to make any adjustment to be able to easily nurse your baby.

Another great aspect of this dress is that it makes for the perfect day wear and night wear as well. You can easily shift it from casual to official by dressing it up with formal jewelry and beautiful shoes.

The stretchy property of this dress means it’s going to look good on you in every trimester and even after your pregnancy. You can also select the color you love best from an array of seven colors based on which one looks best on you. This dress has received fifty six customer reviews and goes for $18.99 - $30.92.

5. Pretty pushers cotton jersey labor gown

This pretty pushers labor gown is a very chic, smart and stylish alternative to the standard hospital gown that’s used for labor and delivery. Apart from this gown being very stylish and comfortably soft, the best attributes of this pretty pushers labor and birthing gown are the easily accessible open points for all the necessary openings for medical procedures.

Most of the modern labor words involve IVs, monitors and epidurals and women are easily left feeling disappointed and heavily exposed by unisex hospital gowns that leave the whole back exposed such that if you need to use the bathroom, you have to hold the back part of your gown to protect your modesty.

This beautiful pretty pushers gown is designed to have an opening on the front part to allow for the use of fetal monitors, a halter neck to allow you to adjust it to the point you are most comfortable with and to also allow easy opening for skin to skin contact between you and your new born baby. The low cut on the back of the dress is essential for epidural access.

As you can see, this is truly a no nonsense design that will make every woman feel comfortable and confident as they gear up for the last part of the journey before they see their baby. It has very few seams and is made from synthetic fibers, meaning it can be easily re-washed and re-used for breastfeeding. This dress has received 4446 customer reviews and goes for $42-$46.01.

6. Zeta ville women’s maternity dress summer cocktail skater baby shower dress

Are you tired of sweating like a pig during summer and as a result have been avoiding going to any special events because you don’t want to embarrass yourself? Well, with this beautiful cocktail summer dress, you don’t have to worry about that. It is designed and constructed with every pregnant woman in mind.

It is made from ninety five percent cotton and five percent elastin meaning that it is able to absorb moisture from your body instead of forming nasty patches. You can wear this dress for a fun cocktail with the girls, for your baby shower, wedding or any other special occasion that calls for dressing up.

With elegant style and the perfect fit for any women in any stage of pregnancy, this is undoubtedly one of the best maternity dresses for special occasions.

You can use machine wash for this dress so you don’t have to worry about washing the dress yourself. This fancy cocktail skater dress for summer has received one hundred and eight customer reviews on amazon with many people praising it for its flay nature. However, the most common concern is the fit on the bust part of full chested women. However, you can wear this dress even after delivery and as an added bonus, it makes for very easy breastfeeding as you don’t have to peel off layers of clothing for you to access your boobs. It goes for $25 - $33.

7. Zeta ville women’s maternity wrap v-neckline empire seam pleated dress

If you want to bring down the roof in any event you attend as a mom to be, this is the perfect dress for you. It is one of the most sophisticated and sexy maternity dresses for special occasions you are ever going to wear. Remain chic and smart all through your pregnancy with this beautiful dress and you are going to love every second of it.

It is comfortable and functional and is designed in stretchy jersey meaning that it offers you a very flattering look for every stage of your pregnancy and the great part is that it doesn’t have to end there. You can still rock this dress even post-partum and still look very hot.

The design of this dress is so intricate, the neckline is designed to give you a slimmer silhouette and the gentle fold under the breasts give you plenty of space for your growing baby bump. This dress fits you like a glove by enhancing all the right places, but still maintaining a comfortable fit over your tummy.

You can wear this dress to a party and also to work thanks to its versatility. It is made from ninety five percent viscose and five percent elastin giving it an amazing stretch so you are comfortable at all times. This dress is machine washable. It has received sixteen customer reviews by most customers praising the good fit of the dress. It goes for $24.95 - $30.92.

8. Pattyboutik mama cowl neck ruched stretch maternity dress

Maternity dresses for special occasions can be very expensive that most women opt not to buy a dress altogether considering the fact that they only have nine months or less to wear this dress. If you are looking for a little black dress that you can look very good on and rock your baby bump at the same time, look no further.

This dress is chic, super comfortable, hits just above the knees meaning that you can show off those lovely legs. If you are still in early stages of your pregnancy, you can rock this dress with sexy heels and don’t worry, you are still going to fit into it even when you reach your third trimester.

If however you are already in your last trimester and are not too sure about heels, pair this dress with cute doll shoes and you will be ready to paint the town red. This dress is very stretchy and flatters all your beautiful curves and also cradles your tummy in a very comfortable way.

The dress is also thick, which a good thing is because it means that even the most stretched parts are not see through. This dress has received one hundred and eighty five customer reviews in amazon with most customers commending the great fit of the dress and the comfortable and stretchy fabric that means the dress can be worn even after pregnancy. It goes for $36.99.

9. Beachcoco women’s maternity comfortable maxi tube dress

This dress is picture perfect and the true definition of classy. This is among the top list of maternity dresses for special occasions and it looks good on any body type and any stage of pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you are petite or full figured, short or tall, in your first trimester or in your third trimester you are going to look amazing in this dress.

This maternity maxi dress is available in twenty two colors so you have a wide palate to choose the color that flatters you most. This is a perfect vacation dress, especially if you are going to visit a place with clean white sandy beaches or a cruise. For such a vacation, white is the perfect color.

This dress is made using ninety five percent rayon and five percent spandex meaning it’s very light and flowy, perfect for a walk on the beach or a calming cruise. If you are in the mood to show off your beautiful shoulders, you are going to love the elastic and strapless bodice complete with an elastic waist.

This beautiful dress has received one hundred and thirty one review from customers with so many of them are going crazy about this dress. For one, it is fairly priced and it is also very flattering. The only thing you should ensure is that you give your correct height. In case your height is not available, you can buy it and take it to a good tailor for resizing. It goes for $18.95 - $24.95.

10. Ingrid & Isabel women’s maternity boatneck lace dress

This is a very beautiful dress and definitely the crème de la crème of maternity dresses for special occasions. This is the true definition of a feminine dress. Its soft boatneck balances of its form fitting shape. It is a perfect dress for a formal dinner, for a wedding, birthday party, baby shower, sprinkles and even for the office.

The body of the dress is made from ninety percent rayon and ten percent spandex while the lining of the dress is made from ninety five percent rayon and five percent spandex meaning the dress has a good stretch to it and is also very comfortable. As such you can wear this dress for the first time you discover you are pregnant to the point of delivery and even after delivery.

Don’t use machine wash for this dress as it’s going to ruin the fabric. Use your hand wash then air it under a shade. The stretchy fabric expands as you grow bigger and also retracts as you become smaller and smaller after pregnancy.

This boatneck lace dress has forty five customer reviews with most of them loving the dress for its better fit and stretch ability. It goes for $93.88 - $98.00.


Now that you have seen this beautiful array of clothes, you can now start picturing yourself in each one of them then go with the one that stands out most to you. Remember, a happy mummy is a happy baby and a happy hubby. Go ahead and go through these maternity dresses for special occasions once more, twice more, thrice more… until you are happy with the choice you have made and you can go ahead and make your order. Most of the dresses have guaranteed free returns in the event you choose a size that is either too small or too big for you.

Go through all the descriptions of the dresses careful to ensure you get the style that is going to be most flattering to you. Once you have made your pick and placed your order, wait for the delivery and you can start rocking your pretty maternity dress.

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