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You are captured by 2 months pregnant symptoms as soon as you reach in this month. These symptoms are normal and they are found in almost all the women who are pregnant.

Frequent Passing of Urine

When you reach in the second month of pregnancy, you begin to urinate a lot. This symptom is very common and it is due to the change in the structure and the size of the uterus which cause excessive urination. It is important that you stay close to your washroom because you have to visit it many times in the day and also in the night.

Heavy Breasts

When you are two month pregnant there are different physical changes which happen with your body and the most visible change which takes place in this month is the increase of breasts. You might feel your breasts heavier and also bit swollen and this increase in the size of your breasts stays till your baby is out in this world.

Vaginal Discharge

You might be having a fluid discharging from your vaginal tube even before the pregnancy. This discharge is very common and it begins when a woman comes in the age of puberty and it is limited, but when you get pregnant the same discharge turns into excessive one and thus it’s the symptom of the 2nd pregnancy month.


You may have heard from other pregnant women that they feel dizzy all the time especially when they are in their mid month of pregnancy, so as you are in your second month of pregnancy, you will also start feeling faint and dizzy and this faintness increases as you move forward in the coming pregnancy months and it remains till the final stage.

Gas and Constipation

In the second month, you will feel bit gassy and also you may suffer from chronic constipation. It is fine to have these conditions in pregnancy as they are one of the major symptoms, but if you think that the condition is getting too serious and you are sweating and putting pressure on your muscles to pass the stool then it is important that you ask your doctor to give you anti-constipation medicines because medically it is very dangerous to give pressure on your large intestine and other tummy muscles because it can cause severe damage to the baby and also to the mother and you might suffer from serious complications.

Excess of Salivary Glands

You might feel saliva in your mouth in much excessive amount and it is because of the hormonal changes which increase the salivary glands.


Having headaches in pregnancy is the indication that you are in your second pregnancy month.

All these conditions are the basic 2 months pregnant symptoms and if you think that any of this condition is getting severe then you must immediately visit the nearest medical clinic and also do not forget that any over-the-counter medicines can make the conditions worst, so consult your midwife or your family doctor about the 2 months pregnant symptoms and your condition.

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