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Early pregnancy spotting is the most common condition in pregnancy that is faced by almost 20% of the pregnant women. Spotting is normal in some conditions because it is not the heavy bleeding or the bleeding that happens in menses, so it is important that you stay relax and calm about it because it’s just the spotting. The duration of early pregnancy spotting is almost first 12 weeks which means a woman can suffer from the spotting issues in her first twelve weeks of pregnancy and then any type of blood spots are completely gone and there is no release of it and in case if there is still spotting after the 12th pregnancy week it is important that you contact your midwife and doctor as soon as you can.

Is spotting leads to any damage to the baby?

Many pregnant women think that spotting can cause damage to the baby, but the true side of the story is completely different because it is studied and observed that women who have spotting conditions in the early pregnancy stage are more comfortable at the time of giving birth and they have a successful normal delivery. So, if you are suffering from the spotting problem in the first trimester of your pregnancy then do not get panic about it because it is a sign that you will end the pregnancy stage by giving birth to a healthy and a normal baby.

Verifying Spotting

Many women are confused between bleeding and spotting and they mix the concept. Well, there is a vast visible difference between bleeding and spotting and you can easily figure out the difference if you the properties of spotting. Bleeding is thick and dark in its color and it is also excessive in its amount and you might also feel the flow of bleeding from the vaginal tube whereas spotting are the few drops of blood which are not much dark in its color and also you may not feel the flow. The best way to verify your spotting is to check your underpants.

How to Fix your Spotting

If you are suffering from spotting then you are probably in your first trimester of your pregnancy. If you are planning to take any medications in order to stop spotting then you are doing it wrong for you and for your unborn child because medications will not stop the spotting, but it will put your baby’s life at risk. So, the best way to fix your spotting condition is to stay relax and stay calm about it and let the nature solve the problem itself.

Is Spotting Painful?

Spotting is not painful and you hardly get to feel about the spots on your underpants, but if you are having excessive bleeding with pain, then you must have a checkup.

Now as you know that early pregnancy spotting is completely normal so you do not have to be worried about it. Just stay calm, be happy, eat fresh and involve yourself in light physical exercises because it will help you at the time of your delivery.

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