Healthy Pregnancy Recipes: Tired Expecting Mothers Want to Keep it Simple

By JC. Maria / December 26, 2015


When you’re newly pregnant your body is going to go through many changes that will leave you feeling really exhausted.  You’re not used to these changes and you’re going to be sapped.  It’s time to keep it simple so here are some healthy pregnancy recipes  for expecting mothers who just want to keep it simple, but keep their nutrition on point.

Try a simple breakfast of a healthy high fibre cereal with milk.  Have some raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and/or blueberries and have some nuts as well.  This kind of breakfast gives you everything you need to get your morning started right.  Lots of healthy fats and lots of fibre as well as vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  The extra fibre from the berries will really help you, most women do not get enough fibre in their everyday diet and a lot of people don’t realize that their fibre intake needs are going to increase dramatically over the course of their pregnancy.

For lunch you’re going to want to keep your blood-sugar levels stabilized to keep you fired up throughout the rest of the day.  Don’t need miss pregnant passing out at 2pm because she didn’t get enough energy from lunch.  Start with whole grains, try 2 pieces of whole wheat bread or a cup of brown rice or even a whole wheat pita.  These whole grains contain more fibre than their white blanched counterparts and they contain B vitamins as well as the fact that they won’t spike your insulin the same way that white blanched versions do.  It’s time to add in some healthy and clean protein.  Grilled chicken is going to be something you should fall in love with, but you can really have any protein, just stick with unsalted and non-fried proteins.  You can enjoy some pork, beef, or chicken at lunch.  If you love tuna have some in water, to limit mercury exposure you shouldn’t eat more than 6 ounces of tuna each week.

For dinner healthy pregnancy recipes include and call for things such as Sirloin steak cooked in olive oil with steamed veggies like broccoli, carrots and onions.  Eat your meals slowly, many pregnant women love to get their much needed nutrients by indulging in fast food or by eating a huge meal at dinner.  Doing this can contribute to a lot of discomfort that could otherwise be avoided, such as heartburn and a worsening morning sickness the next morning.  Take it slow and don’t eat right before bed.  Add in some healthy starchy carbs with your dinner to keep you feeling full, but not overstuffed.  This pattern of protein, healthy starch and vegetables will be key throughout your pregnancy.  This pattern is the best way to get a full and well rounded diet going that will keep you feeling full so that you don’t want to binge on the bad stuff.

At the end of the day the choices are yours.  Just make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water, feel free to treat yourself from time to time, we don’t want you going crazy, we know that pregnancy is stressful, but eating right can help lessen a lot of the negatives that come from being pregnant.  We hope you’ve enjoyed these healthy pregnancy recipes. 

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