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When a woman gets pregnant she goes through various mental and physical changes because her body begins to develop a whole new human in it so there are variations of many hormones levels which cause many side effects and symptoms of pregnancy. The most reliable symptom to trust is the missing of the periods because in pregnancy the menstrual cycle stops and the baby begins to develop and in case there are periods during pregnancy then there must be something not going fine with the developmental procedure of the baby and it is very important to contact your midwife or doctor.

There are chances of the bleeding when there is an implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus’s lining and this type of bleeding is also called the “Implantation Bleeding”. The Implantation bleeding mostly takes place when your periods are due on the same time, but it is not the actual bleeding which happens in menses and it is different. Also in pregnancy there are spotting of blood out from the vaginal opening, but these spotting are also not the exact menses and there is nothing serious in it, but still if you are getting spots, it is important that you see your doctor.

If you think that you are pregnant or you were trying to conceive and finally you have missed your period then the first thing you should do is to get a proper pregnancy test and if the tests are positive then it means that you have finally conceived a baby, but if the tests are negatives and you are still missing your periods then you must tell your condition to your doctor to get proper treatment of it because there are also several other reasons of not having periods or missing periods. Other symptoms of pregnancy are

Nausea: When you get pregnant, you feel nausea especially in the daytime. It is one of the first symptoms a pregnant woman experiences and at this moment you might be getting spotting, but no periods during pregnancy.

Breasts Tenderness: When you reach in the third week of pregnancy, you might suffer from the tenderness of your breasts and your areolas might get broad in their shape.

Metallic Taste in the Mouth: In pregnancy women also suffer from the metallic taste sensation all the time in their mouths. There is still no perfect reason found of this symptom, but it is natural and it goes after the pregnancy is the over.

Extra Ordinary Sense of Smell: Right from the beginning of the pregnancy, the woman begins to smell things in very odd ways. In other words, you might start hating the smells that you loved the most in the past.

Tiredness: If you are pregnant then you might feel extra tired almost at every moment. You might find yourself mostly in the bed and taking rest.

In all the above-mentioned symptoms there are no periods during pregnancy and if you get periods or bleeding at any stage of your pregnancy then it might be a sign that your unborn child is not alive anymore or he is in very complicated condition.

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