Top 10 Best Maternity Bathing Suits For Moms!

By JC. Maria / January 20, 2016


Having a life grow inside you is the greatest miracle of life. You see, your body changing day by day; week by week until eventually you hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. This means that you no longer put on the clothes you used to put on before you became pregnant. This applies to swimwear too.

So many women have resigned to swimming in a vest or T-shirt worn over a pair of shorts or leggings. But, there is no need to hide your beautiful body behind frumpy clothes. The fashion industry has picked on this and today there are so many beautiful designs that are made with every pregnant woman in mind.

No need to worry about your costume lifting up and exposing you indecently. The maternity swimwear we are going to look at have been intricately designed to perfectly fit the body of a pregnant woman in every way.

The ten swimsuits we are going to look at have all different designs to give you a wide variety to choose from. Go for the style that is going to be most flattering to you and that you are going to be comfortable with. You definitely don’t want to walk around pulling your swim skirt down because you feel that it’s too short.

Also keep in mind that the sizing used is your pre-pregnancy size but the bust size should be your current size. You don’t want to spill out of your costume every time you bend down to pick something up. But, should you order a size that’s too big or too small for you, most of the featured maternity swimsuits have a free return policy.

Take your time to read the following reviews and remember to keep your figure in mind as you choose a maternity bathing suit.

Best Mommy Blog Recommended Maternity Bathing Suits

1. Prego Women’s Babydoll Halter Maternity Swimsuit

Have you been dying to take a dip in the pool or frolic on the beach with your family and friends, but are not comfortable showing your beautiful growing baby bump or have you been swimming in old granny T-shirts just so you can retain your modesty? Well, no need for all that!

Prego, an American based company has the most beautiful and flattering swimsuit for mommies to be who are looking to have a little fun in the water and sill look beautiful.

The prego women’s babydoll halter maternity will make you look like a beautiful doll. It is intricately designed with a comfortable center halter loop and cups. This swimsuit also features very comfortable bottoms that go over the belly, so you don’t need to worry about constricting your growing baby. Lastly, the flowing skirt completes prego women’s babydoll halter maternity swim suit making it very flattering for any expecting mommy.

This swimsuit fabric is eighty percent nylon and twenty percent Lycra making it light and smooth on your skin.

This swimsuit has received raving reviews with 54 customers talking about their experience in this beautiful swimsuit with over ninety six percent recommending it. The greatest strength of this swimsuit is that it fits perfectly, has a lot of growing room and is very durable.

This swimsuit goes for $71.84 - $74.50 with free returns on selected colors and sizes. The price may seem a bit high, but wait until you get it and you will be so glad you made the purchase.

2. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top 

Want to look fancy and sophisticated with trendy swimwear? Well, this is just for you. This maternity V insert tankini top keeps you stylishly modest by covering up your cleavage and providing very stylish detail.

It features ¾ inch straps can be worn criss cross or straight. The adjustable straps and the soft cup bra provide very good support that is super comfortable without putting any pressure on your neck. This tankini swimwear top also features a drawstring hem that gives you the allowance to create a custom fit as your baby bump grows and it also helps your top stay fixed so you don’t have to worry about your top floating on water.

Designed by Mermaid Maternity, an American based company, this V insert tankini top is made in a way that allows you to wear it for your first day of pregnancy until your last day of pregnancy without looking frumpy at all. You can also wear this swimwear top post- partum before regaining pre-baby shape.

This swimsuit top is made from eighty percent nylon and 20 percent spandex making it very comfortable and smooth on your skin. Its care is quite simple, hand wash and air drying.

This product has received twenty eight 5 star feedback and is praised for being super comfortable and very stylish. It goes for $62 - $66 and you can depend on it to be durable. Buy swimming briefs or a swimming skirt to air it with.

3. Prego Maternity Women’s Maternity Sport One Piece Swimsuit

If you have killer legs that you like to flaunt every now and then or want to get a great sun tan on those beautiful legs, this one piece swimsuit is your perfect bet. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to put on frumpy swimwear that just drowns all your self esteem. The fact that you are carrying a growing life inside you makes your body nothing short of miraculous and you should therefore adorn it beautifully.

prego maternity women’s maternity sport one piece swimsuit is a one piece bathing suit that has two very comfortable and thick adjustable straps to give you the perfect fit, attached soft cups for support and extra coverage, a flattering empire waist that has room for your growing baby, a back hook closure to provide you with extra support and a modest rounded neck and a variety of colors to choose from.

All these make the perfect swimsuit for any pregnant woman. Designed and made in the US by PregO, this women’s maternity sport one piece swimsuit has received raving reviews for its eclectic style and comfortable fit.

It has 28 reviews in amazon with over ninety five percent recommending it. It is made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex making it very soft on your skin. It goes for $59.99 - $78 with free returns guaranteed. There’s also lower price on certain select options.

4. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity Fold Over Panel Swim Skirt With Attached Boy Shorts

Whether you are looking for a little sun protection for your upper thighs or just want a bit more modesty, this swim skirt is an amazing option for any expectant woman. You can pair it with the Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top for a covered up, comfortable and very trendy swimwear look.

This swim skirt can be worn Iike tow ways; you can either fold down the belly panel for low or medium coverage or with the belly up over your growing bump for full coverage. The attached boy shorts have a modestly cut leg line to ensure they don’t creep so no matter how active you are, you are still going to be modestly covered up and super comfortable. 

This swim skirt crafted from a high quality fabric that comes with UPF 50+ for the ultimate sun protection and the fabric also resists chlorine about 5-10 times more than the usual spandex fabric. This swim skirt is perfect for pre, during and post pregnancy.

This amazing swimsuit is designed by Mermaid Mtaernity, a US based company that specializes in maternity swim wear. This product has received great reviews for consumers in the amazon with over ninety five percent recommending its use to all expectant moms who over swimming but don’t know what to wear.

It goes for between $52 - $56 and you can be sure it’s going to fit you perfectly.

5. Prego Maternity Women’s Empire One Piece Swimsuit

Pregnancy can at time leaving you feeling as fat as a cow with no waistline at all. So what do you do when you really just want to have a calm dip in the pool or in the ocean without feeling self conscious? Do you just put on a huge T-shirt with spandex leggings and off you go to the pool?

Absolutely not! The prego maternity women’s empire one piece swimsuit is designed with every new mommie to be in mind. It has a beautiful empire waist that is flattering to all body types. The soft cup construction offers great support without it being too constrictive.

This swimsuit also has thick adjustable straps for comfortable support and it eases pressure off your shoulders. Though it appears tight, it is actually very comfortable and fit just right with a lot of room for your growing tummy offering you great one piece style and not compromising on your comfort.

This swimsuit can be worn before, during and even after your pregnancy. It’s not something you will have to shove away in your closet’s bottom drawer after your pregnancy. This empire one piece swimsuit is made for eighty percent nylon and twenty percent Lycra, remaining smooth on your skin even when wet.

Prego maternity women’s empire one piece swimsuit is a hit with women who want to show off a bit of skin and has 16 consumer reviews on amazon. It goes for $65.95 - $72 and includes free returns.

6. Jojo Maman Bebe Women’s Maternity Breton Striped Tankini

Who said maternity swimwear has to be buggy and boring? This striped tankini swimsuit is the ultimate definition of swimwear style. It allows you to show off your glowing skin and beautiful legs as you enjoy a cooling dip in the pool or in the ocean. Looking good means that you are also going to feel good about yourself.

This swimsuit is designed and constructed in the UK. This strappy swimsuit features a soft shelf bra providing you with extra support. The thick adjustable straps are also super comfortable and to top it all, it has tiny briefs that come with an under bump panel that you can either fold down or pull over your bump to cradle your growing tummy.

It is made from eighty two percent polyamide and eighteen percent polyester. This makes it very easy to maintain and smooth over your skin. You can use machine wash at thirty degrees for this beautiful tankini. If you want your swimsuit to last longer, then rinse it immediately after swimming.

The striped tankini is ideal for any stylish mommy to be who is not afraid of showing off little skin. It is ideal for slim and tall women as the strips have the tendency to make someone look fuller ad so wouldn’t ok very good on shorter, full-figured women.

It has eleven reviews on amazon with most people praising it for its good fit and great style. It goes for $59 - $64 with free return guaranteed.

7. Ripe Maternity Women’s Maternity Hayman One Piece Swimsuit

You can always count on black to be most flattering when you are at your heaviest. Today, maternity swimwear has greatly evolved to add flattering and trending styles that make moms to be look and feel good about themselves. You no longer have to grudgingly go swimming because the only swimsuit you can find is a drab and ill-fitting and ugly swimming costume.

This women’s maternity hayman one piece swimsuit is the true definition of great style. It has a beautiful halter neck that is made using thick straps for great support without putting a lot of pressure on your neck.

The front features a rectangular trim feature for added style and to modestly flaunt your cleavage. It also has soft removable cups or added comfort, shape and support. Seeing that this beautiful swimsuit is particularly designed for maternity wear, it has gathered side seams and a soft under bust support seems to not only make you look absolutely stunning but also give you all the support you need.

Made in china, the lower leg line of the swim suit means you can give your legs a beautiful tan as well as your upper back owing to the fact that it’s open.

This swimsuit has a whopping five star feedback from 10 happy customers in amazon. It’s comfortable and perfect fit and great style is what makes it exceptional. It goes for $84 with free returns guaranteed.

8. Mermaid Maternity Women’s Maternity V Insert Tankini Top

When looking for a beautiful piece of swimwear, this polka dot tankini top has it all. It has beauty, elegance and great style all in one. You are however going to need to pair it with boy shorts or a swim skirt. You can be sure to feel and look good in this swimsuit from the day you discover you are pregnant all the way post pregnancy.

This tankini has thick adjustable straps that you can either wear straight or criss cross them for a fun style. It has a well-fitting soft cup bra to provide you with added support. Probably one of its greatest feature is the drawstring bottom that allows you to adjust the tankini to as your bum grows. Additionally, the drawstring prevents the tankini top from floating and coming above your belly.

The best way to select a size that is going to fit you perfectly is to use your pre-pregnancy size. We have small – 4-6, medium – 8-10, large – 12-14, extra-large – 16—18 and 2X – 20-22. Use these to get your perfect fit.

This USA made swimsuit will help you enjoy your pregnancy. It has an amazing five star review from twenty eight happy customers in amazon who loved the great style and good fit of the tankini top. If you don’t like showing off your cleavage you will love the v insert that helps you remain modest. Price goes around $62 - $66.

9. Maternal America Women’s Maternity 2-Piece Skirt Tankini

Pregnant women for such a long time have been given the short end of the stick when it comes to beauty and fashion. Until recently, the only maternity swimwear that was available was so buggy and flattering that mom to be preferred swimming in T-shirts and shorts. But, that era is long gone. With the women’s maternity 2-piece skirt tankni, you can look beautiful pregnant as you enjoy swimming in the pool or ocean without having to be self-conscious.

Your skin is usually at its best during pregnancy and there’s no need to cover it all up you can tastefully show off your cleavage with its plunging neckline. The molded soft cups additionally give you all the support you need. The halter neck also ensures you get more support without putting undue pressure on your neck.

The tankini top is made to cover your growing belly from day one until delivery without being too tight or uncomfortable.

The skirt starts right below your tummy so as not to constrict your growing baby bump though its band is also very comfortable. After welcoming your bundle of joy, this does not mean that you have no more use of this 2-piece tankini. It will still look good on your postpartum as its made from stretchable fabric.

It is made from eighty two percent nylon and eighteen percent spandex for the perfect stretch as well as comfortable on your skin. This 2-piece tankini swimsuit has six customer reviews on amazon and goes for $42 -$109.

10. Prego Maternity Women’s Maternity Roll Waist Bikini

If you love style and are not afraid to show off your perfectly glowing skin thanks to your pregnancy, this is the perfect swimwear for you. Yes, pregnant women too can wear a bikini and let the tummy breathe and get a beautiful suntan.

The roll waist bikini is designed and made in California, USA by PregO and has so many moms to be excited. It is the perfect swimsuit for a summer vacation. Its hook back closure makes it adjustable and comfortable to wear as it provides added support.

It has soft removable cups that provide shape and comfortable support. The adjustable tie in front is not just a style statement, rather, it helps you adjust the bikini top to the point it fits you perfectly. It also has a roll waist bottom that allows you to adjust the waist up or down depending on the size of your baby bump. You should not use machine wash for this bikini, rather use warm to cold water to wash it then air dry it under a shade.

The maternity roll waist bikini is made from eighty percent nylon and twenty percent Lycra for the perfect texture of your skin as well as stretchability as you grow during your pregnancy.

It has two five star reviews on amazon probably because most moms to be are still not brave enough to put on a bikini. But, don’t be shy, try it and you will love it. It goes for $63 - $64 with free returns guaranteed.


There you have it, ten amazing maternity swim wear to choose from. As you have seen, there is no need to ban yourself from the swimming pool or the beach just because you have a growing bump. Enjoy every second of our pregnancy with maternity swimsuits and showcase your best feature – your baby bump.

You only have nine months of pregnancy, make the most out of it so you don’t regret later on because you didn’t dress it up and instead hide behind frumpy clothes.

A great tip is to take your professional baby bum photo shoot with one of the above maternity swim suits. They are incredibly flattering and making your body sexy. So you will gain more the confidence when having the best photo shoot ever and one day when your baby is a little older you will show the photo to them so they see where they came from.

What is your favorite color? When selecting a maternity bathing suit, choose your best color or you can always go with the classic black if you are not sure which color you want.

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